Video guide to the perfect Christmas dinner produced by town centre neighbours

Video guide to the perfect Christmas dinner produced by town centre neighbours


Video guide to the perfect Christmas dinner produced by town centre neighbours

Good neighbours in Middlesbrough town centre have joined forces to demonstrate the stress-free way of preparing tasty Christmas dinners which also do not break the family budget.

Dundas Shopping Centre and Middlesbrough Council’s Live Well Centre, based in Dundas House, have produced a video showing how to buy value for money ingredients and cook a traditional set piece Christmas Day meal – and a vegan alternative – for eight people for less than £5 per person.

The turkey, vegetables, trimmings, Christmas pudding and mince pies were all purchased in Dundas Shopping Centre, at Danny’s Family Butchers, Fulton Food and B&M Stores, and cooked in The Live Well Centre’s kitchen. allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>

Laura Kemp of The Live Well Centre’s Public Health team says: “Many people worry about the cost and practicalities of cooking the Christmas meal.  It’s regarded as a highpoint of the year, but it is often the largest meal people will have cooked and there’s a great deal of pressure to get it right because there are usually a number of guests to feed.  We hope that our video will show how it can be done safely and easily.”

In the seven minute video, The Live Well Centre’s Public Health team shows how to cook a tasty two course traditional Christmas meal consisting of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, vegetables and gravy, Christmas pudding, brandy sauce, and mince pies.  They also show how to cook an alternative plant-based roast turkey substitute bought from The Little Vegan Market in Dundas Indoor Market, part of the Dundas Shopping Centre.

“Money can be very tight for people at Christmas, buying present for the kids and cooking for and entertaining family and friends.  Our video shows how you can buy all the ingredients for a substantial Christmas meal for under a fiver a head, if you don’t include the cost of the Christmas crackers we bought!” says David Harris, Dundas Market Manager.

Ingredients for the traditional Christmas meal are a 4.4kg Turkey from Danny’s Butchers for £27.50, 2kg each of potatoes, sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, Christmas pudding and brandy sauce from Fultons Foods for £7.95, and a pack of stuffing, gravy, Cranberry sauce and mince pies from B&M for £5.99.

Vegan ingredients from The Little Vegan Market are plant based roast turkey substitute Tofurkey with gravy mix for £11.95, plus vegan gravy and Christmas pudding.  Vegan mince pies and stuffing are widely available.  The Little Vegan Market also sells a pre-sliced Celebration Roast as a smaller alternative to the Tofurkey.

The video can be viewed on this page or on our YouTube channel.

Anchored by B&M, with other national occupiers Fultons Foods and Cooplands, Dundas Shopping Centre is also home to a number of independent retailers, Dundas Indoor Market and Middlesbrough Council’s The Live Well Centre.

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