Sweet success in the bag for new Boro business

The manager of Middlesbrough’s historic Dundas Indoor Market said he’s looking forward to the sweet success of a new business.

The market’s new arrival is the appropriately named Pick ‘n Mix Pod which sells more than 100 different types of confectionary and plans to add another 40 ranges, creating three walls of all imaginable sweets to choose from.

The Pod is part of a comeback for Pick ‘n Mix which went out of fashion with the demise of a High Street legend as well as the global pandemic.

As a result the business has introduced a strict health regime to the traditional help yourself service, providing hand sanitiser and disposal gloves for shoppers to use before they get going with their tongs and scoops.  A breakdown of the ingredients of the sweets is also provided.

Market manager David Harris said: “Growing up, many of us associated pick n’ mix with Woolworths or buying sweets at the cinema.  Woolies has obviously long gone, there’s now a big doubt over the future of Wilko, cinema snacks probably aren’t the cheapest and buying online isn’t quite the same, so it’s great to welcome the Pick ‘n Mix Pod.

“Understandably people became a bit nervous about touching something somebody else has used.  That’s why there’s so much emphasis on healthy help yourself here.”

He added: “There’s nothing better than the feeling and sound when you dig your scoop into a pile of your sweets and, of course, the beauty of Pick ‘n Mix is that you can get all your different favourites at once.”

David thinks the Pod will appeal to customers visiting the market’s other businesses, shoppers cutting through the Dundas Shopping Centre, cinema-goers and Boro fans heading to The Riverside.

Even though it has only just opened, the shop – which also sells many other types of confectionary – is proving a hit with sweet-toothed Teessiders who don’t want to spend too much on their treats.

Retro sweets such as beer pints, bonbons and rhubarb and custards have been particularly popular as have the much sought-after Jolly Ranchers from the United States.

The Pick ‘n Mix Pod is not the only new business in the market.  Earlier this summer the Ted’s Tasty Treats sandwich shop opened.  It is run by mother-of-four former NHS worker Abby Smith and featured on a BBC report into how independent businesses will lead the revival of town centres.

As with all occupiers, they were helped by an all-inclusive deal provided by the market’s owner.  It means that their rent – which can be as low as £75 per week – covers the cost of the energy they consume as well as their business rates and fibre broadband.

For more information contact david.harris@dundasindoormarket.co.uk